Why Local Matters

Our menswear's made in Canada, and we're proud of it

Fast fashion has never been our thing, and why would it be when menswear means so much more.

We'd rather pay homage to a time when men's clothes were made with care, and by hand.

And we'd like to keep nature unscathed while we do it.

That's why our shirts, jackets and accessories are all made locally in our city of Toronto.

Here are the partners with whom we work in sourcing the raw materials for our garments, as well as a list of those materials and why we use them.

All Things Woven

Most of our clothes that are woven (like our Oxford shirts) are done so in Portugal, and by an OKEO-TEX-certified supplier, no less. The rest is woven in Japan and China.

Since you asked, OKEO-TEX — a European organization that researches and vets textile and leather production measures —  is the global standard when it comes to top quality, sustainable clothes. Anything that bears their name is 100% free of harmful substances, and it's a name that inspires confidence. They also work with Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit that helps cotton farmers ply their trade in cleaner, more sustainable ways.

All of our imported fabrics are shipped right to factories we outsource in Vaughan and Scarborough, both of which we visit on the regular.

Here's how it works:

- Our tailors cut the fabrics to our custom patterns.

- They construct the garments using tested techniques that ensure quality, like "felling" for seam-making instead of "serging," which won't yield as strong a seam in men's shirts.

- They then add final touches, like our custom labels.

- Finally, our clothes are shipped to us for approval before we send them to our stockists.